Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Monument Golf's New Blog Page

Monument Golf has a new blog page.  We will be letting you know everything that is happening with Monument Golf and the exciting new 'Stick It' - magnetic rangefinder strap.  

We will let you know when new courses are carrying our innovative new rangefinder accessory and where they are located. When sales promotions by retail outlets like PGA Superstore are going on.  New design elements and new product launches.  Everything you want to know about Monument Golf and the 'Stick It' - magnetic rangefinder accessory strap.

And videos.  Stick It -  the hottest rangefinder accessory on the market.  


  1. hey, these golf accessories are very useful and handy, i am planning to buy some for me and my friends as we love to play golf all the time

  2. I do not play golf at all but I am sure these golf accessories would be really helpful for those who play. Goob job with the article.