Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Your Golfing Family - The 'Stick It' - Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

Monument Golf's 'Stick It' - magnetic rangefinder strap has revolutionized the golf accessory market.  We have answered the age old question of - "where do I put my rangefinder?"

Monument Golf Christmas
The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for your golfing family
The solution is the 'Stick It' - magnetic rangefinder strap and it is the perfect stocking stuffer for the golfer in your family.

Golf Magazine asked their top contributors this question in their recent online addition:

6. The holiday shopping season is upon us. If you had only $25 to spend, what gift would you buy a fellow golfer this year?.

SHANE BACON the Fox Sports Golf Analyst - @shanebacon: "If you are a cart golfer, Monument Golf makes a wrap that goes around your rangefinder that magnetically attaches to your golf cart and forever saves you the pain of finding a spot for your yardage device. It's the best money I've ever spent for anything in golf and it isn't even close."


Get your 'Stick It' - magnetic rangefinder strap today.  Free shipping through the holiday season.


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  2. Pretty cool invention and creation. My father would definitely use it as he is a great golf player. Will share your blog with my father asap.

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